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Line of Fire - Jo Davis Hmmm, yet again, this series just doesn't seem to click very well with me. Sure, it's hot (at times), sure it's sweet (at times), sure it's suspenseful (again, at times), there's just something there, which I cannot put my finger on, that doesn't work that well for me.The pacing was good, the characters were nice, the plot was rather tight, I just didn't feel it. I also didn't "feel" the connection between the two leads, I didn't really understand Tommy's decision toward the end, and Shea's initial "reluctance" didn't gel for me. I would've understood it better if it were toward every man, not just a certain type.Buy hey, maybe it's just me.The only really good thing that came out of this book was the small scene in the last chapter with Sean accepting that soda and the final cliffy with the phone-call and the softly-spoken taunt. I'm afraid I'll be disappointed with the last book as well, though.Yes, I wouldn't mind reading about Shea's twin brother or the tall, dark, and handsome FBI agent, but, yet again, I fear the final result.But hey, maybe that's just me. ;)