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Veil of Midnight - Lara Adrian Someone is slowly offing Gen One Breeds and Nikolai is dispatched to Montreal to warn Sergei Yakut, one of those Gen Ones. Pity, he meets his bodyguard first. Renata, a woman of incredible psychic power fells him with one thought, catching his eye. Unfortunately, the girl appears blood-bonded to Yakut. Which wouldn’t be that bad, if the bastard wouldn’t be a real bastard with a sadistic streak a mile wide and a huge superiority complex…Then all goes to hell in a hand basket and…You’ll just have to read it to know what happens next.Well, it seems this series is (finally) picking up pace, because this is the second book in a row I actually liked…And (coincidence?), it was also very character-centered, compared to the first three in the series that were more about the action – and world-building – than anything else.I enjoyed Niko’s story, it was light and entertaining, but still retained that small amount of gravity so as not to fall off the PNR grid. I loved both Niko and Renata (though she irked me more than Dylan did in the previous book), I can’t wait to read more about little Mira, the first baddie (Sergei Yakut) was chillingly thrilling to read, the second one not so much and I didn’t care much about the main series arc and its bizarre breeding Nazi-like program. The action scenes were good, never taking over the story (hence it staying character-centered and me liking it), the one-on-one scenes were hot enough to keep me entertained, and the cliffy with which Ms. Adrian left us regarding Andreas was nail-biting and intriguing (which is always a nice bonus where cliffys are concerned).Also, I’m (impatiently, I might add) looking forward to [b:Deeper Than Midnight|8150317|Deeper Than Midnight (Midnight Breed, #9)|Lara Adrian||11649990] (yep, something to look forward to in regard to this series), because Hunter just…Well, he touched me, and I want to know more about him (despite him being the creation of the above-mentioned bizarre breeding Nazi-like program).