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Midnight Rising - Lara Adrian After a bitter betrayal by his Breedmate, Rio isn’t the same. Suffering from mood swings and blackouts, he knows he’s a danger to others. So when he’s tasked with destroying an Ancient’s hibernating chamber, he sees a perfect opportunity to end it all. Seven months later, he’s still trying to seal the chamber and end his life, when a woman stumbles into the cave…She’s a journalist, and her taking pictures of the glyphs on the cave walls, and Rio, spurs him into action, finally rousing him from his stupor and making him want to live again.Finally! Some progress in this series. Fourth book in line and the first one I actually liked from beginning to end. There was less world and history explanation involved, the story was much more character oriented than the previous ones, and let me tell you, Rio was one interesting character, Dylan was one of those heroines I don’t hate (though she had her moments), the romance appeared fresh, the sex scenes didn’t come through as clinical, the plot was tight…It all came out nice and compact, if I forget about the “suspense” aspect of the story, because that past of the series plot (and arc) is slowly descending into the bizarre.Skipping those parts (which come in small quantity), this is a pretty good paranormal romance and – hopefully – a good indication of things to come.