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French Silk - Sandra Brown Ms. Brown did it again. Though this one was written in the beginning of the nineties, it didn't "sound" old-school at all (despite the ADA wearing suspenders ;)). A wonderful mix of suspense, drama, and romance, with a few story-lines intertwined to create an intricate and complex plot rife with twists and turns to keep the reader at the edge of her/his seat and guessing.Well-paced, wonderful characterization with lovely multi-dimensional and flawed protagonists, mysteries and secrets galore, a wonderful thunderstorm seduction, and nicely executed. Especially toward the end, when I though I had it all pegged down (and found myself rather disappointed by the transparency of the story). Well, let me tell you I was oh-so very wrong.I did miss the necessary resolution when the true culprit was revealed, and the final scene left a little to be desired, but I'm still very satisfied with how this book turned out.5 stars