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Deadly Intent - Kylie Brant I can't believe I'm writing this, but for someone who's a great fan of Ms. Brant's first three installments in the Mindhunters series, this one came as quite a disappointment.The first big problem was the pacing in the first half of the book. Nothing (except for the kidnapping) major happened!The second problem were the two leads. They were just bland. There was no spark (whether when they were alone or together), no real depth, no "life". They were just there like two cardboard cutouts going through the motions.Even the villain was sort of "meh".In my opinion, the only things saving this book from descending into 1- and 2-star rating were the plot (the premise was great, the entire thing was developped nicely, but it severely lacked in execution), and Adam Raiker, whom we saw a lot more than in the previous three books. I'm daring a guess this sub-arc in the series is all about him (at least that's what the last paragraph in the book makes the reader believe...not to mention all the little tidbits strewn here and there throughout the story).