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Fascination In France - Barbara Cartland I recently resurrected a bunch of this BC stories from my basement and am actually planning on reading them. But writing reviews for her stories is rather tedious, since they’re all pretty much the same…A Mr./lord/baron/viscount/earl/marquis/duke/prince/king etc. needs a wife/pretend wife/ pretend mistress etc. to get an inheritance/get rid of an unwanted woman/rise in rank/complete a top secret mission etc., and there’s a convenient miss/vicar’s daughter/lady/princess/a friend’s poor relation etc. who just might help him, but there’s no chance in all that’s holy that he’ll fall in love with her, because he’s a rake and he will never change…But he ends up falling in love with her anyway.Some of the stories maybe have a little twist on the whole thing with a young woman of the ton needing a chaperone to accompany her abroad, but she asks a poor friend (possibly a vicar’s daughter) to go with her. Then said vicar’s daughter meets the friend’s cousin who happens to be a lord/baron/viscount/earl/marquis/duke and falls helplessly in love with him, but he thinks she’s a worldly and experienced widow and plans on making her his mistress, but she runs, he follows, discovers she’s actually a virginal vicar’s daughter, confesses his love and they get married.Sometimes there’s also a kidnapping/murder/coup/revolution/woman scorned etc. thrown into the mix to liven things up a bit…But mostly, only the names change.So, this is one of those. I liked it. Let’s leave it at that.