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Deadly Fear - Cynthia Eden It appears a serial killer is on the loose, murdering women by exploiting their deepest fears. The FBI is called in, but little do they know the killer will soon start targeting them, especially lead investigator Monica Davenport...But that little problem is only second on her list of trouble, since she's "forced" to work with an ex-lover. The only man who got close to her...Well, as some reviewers before me said, this book was very déjà vu-ish (reminding this reader of [a:Karen Rose|75375|Karen Rose|] and slightly of [a:Leslie Parrish|2780862|Leslie Parrish|]). Still, it was well-written, nicely-paced, with wonderfully-rounded characters, and nicely disguised killer, whose identity remained a secret for me until the end.Yet, it reminded me a little too much of KR books (exploiting the deepest, darkest fears, a nicely twisted killer etc.), and the emphasizing got a little tiresome toward the end.