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Voyeur - Lacey Alexander Laura Watkins is an author with a problem. She has writer’s block and not even being cooped up in a Colorado cabin doesn’t help. If her friend Monica is right, the writer’s block has everything to do with sexual frustration. And one night Laura is rather inclined to heed her friend’s advice. And proceeds with masturbating in the cabin’s living room…And gives her host, in a habit of checking in on his guests via webcam quite an eyeful.The next day Laura experiences a shock in learning the owner of her cabin witnessed her pleasuring herself…And wouldn’t mind witnessing more of that. But when a little gift from California pushed her a little too far, Laura severs all ties with her mysterious voyeur.Well, she’s about to learn Braden Stone isn’t deterred to easily. If it’s physical closeness she needs, physical closeness she’ll get, even if he has to travel across three states to get to her.Well, this was a very hot little novel. A little too hot, maybe. It sure started great with a little peep show growing into a bigger peep show…And slowly tumbling all Laura’s inner, conservative walls with Braden’s presence…But it soon got a little too much. Soon the plot, the story, its progress didn’t seem to matter anymore (with the exception of Laura’s “character development”) and it quickly was all about sex. Yeah, the sex scenes were hot (even the dreaded ménage one – I don’t like sharing in my novels, and I appreciate Tommy’s little insight into Braden when he asked if he was okay with sharing Laura like that), but there were too many of them, crammed a little too close together, pushing the story way into the background.I just don’t get it. I’m all for sex scenes, but not at the cost of a story. Because that, what could be discerned between the humping and grinding, was quite touching and rather romantic.P.S. And what was with Laura’s book? I know she’s a writer, but did we have to read what she wrote verbatim? A little blurb here and there would’ve sufficed.