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Letters to a Secret Lover - Toni Blake Lindsey and her fiancé Garret have recently experienced a strain on their relationship, so she decides to liven things up a bit by cooking him dinner and waiting for him wearing only high heels and an apron...Little does she know he's going to dump her as soon as she opens the door. Or that a window washer is going to snap a picture of them (of her in only an apron!) and that picture would end up plastered all over the gossip mags and internet.A few weeks later she decides she needs a break. And what better way to get away from everything than by visiting Moose Falls, Montana, where her great-aunt used to live. And if she can buy her great-aunts boat livery from the current owner even better.Unfortunately, the current owner proves to be anti-social, grumpy, surly, arrogant, and rude...But also incredibly hot. Pity his surly behavior prevents Lindsey from using him as a leg up back on the sex horse, all the while trying to buy the livery off him...Or can she?This was a fun, romantic, a little dramatic, a lot bitter-sweet contemporary romantic comedy with quite a lot of depths if you're looking for them. Despite being rather light-weight and fun, it actually dealt with pretty deep issues, like trust and forgiveness (not only toward others, but yourself as well). And though I wasn't really in the mood for a contemporary with depth, this one struck just the right cord for me.The cast of characters (both leading and secondary) was wonderful - (despite the heroine being just a tad too air-headed, self-centered, and blind to pretty much everything that didn't involve her), the pacing was great, the humorous parts were nicely placed...In general, it was very well written.I found the sudden slide into more suspenseful waters a bit rushed, and somewhat nonsensical at the beginning, but that too had its purpose of propelling the story forward, creating some great pre-ending tension, a few tears, and a few nail-biting moments.4½ starsP.S. Though I'm sure the "letters to a secret lover" were meant to create suspense, intrigue and tension between the two leads, I found that part of the story rather predictable, and couldn't fathom how Lindsey didn't figure it out sooner (I guess it had to do with that "blindness" I mentioned). But that's just me.