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Shadows at Midnight - Elizabeth Jennings A year ago they shared a perfect kiss. A few minutes later he lost her in an explosion.Now, she’s back from the dead, merely a shell of the woman she was before, amnesiac, haunted by nightmares and real-life danger…And only one man can keep her safe.Though I’m a big Lisa Marie Rice fan (I loved her Dangerous trilogy), I couldn’t claim the same for her alter ego, Elizabeth Jennings. As in Pursuit the suspense in this one had its ups and downs (more ups than downs), the villain was obvious from the very first paragraph he was mentioned in, the pacing was slow…And the “romance” left me completely cold. There was no chemistry between Dan and Claire beyond what the author told us, the sex scenes were lukewarm at best, I couldn’t care less what happened to the two, and we’re talking about the hero and heroine here.But the biggest surprise of them all was the fact it was the hero who was the annoying one in this pair. While I usually cannot stand the heroines, Claire wasn’t so bad, while Dan…Oh, boy, could the boy bitch with the best of them. And not bitch in a good way. There was oh-too-much inner whining and moaning, how he lusted after her, how beautiful she was despite the bruises, the fatigue blah-blah-blah, how he lusted after her, how he was afraid to break her with his lust, but he wouldn’t mind slaking his lust on her, despite all the fragility she displayed, but was still beautiful despite it…On, and on, and on he went, for pages and pages and pages.But I guess I understand why there was so much inner bitching from the hero. We’d have a short story if he didn’t.