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The Charmer (Darklands, #1) - Autumn Dawn Jasmin never realized her friend was different until her best friend since the orphanage, Wiley, disappeared...Only to be found again in another world, about to ascend as the queen of the Haunts, the people inhabiting the strange dimension.Which wouldn't be that bad if they let Jasmine go. Unfortunately she's one of the rare creatures the Haunts despise. She's a Charmer, her scent rife with pheromones ready to snare any unsuspecting (and unmated) Haunts out there.Lucky for her, her friend's husband takes her under his wing, determined not to let anything happen to her if he doesn't want to sleep in the doghouse (literally). Unlucky for her, her best friend's husband appoints a guardian for her...A man that makes her blood boil. And not in a good way...Right?This was a completely new author for me and I must say I was blown away by the story. Great characterization (though Jasmine was a bit TSTL at times and annoying at others), good world-building (though I did experience some deja-vu-ishness in some parts), great supporting cast, wonderful tension, explosive attraction, a brooding Alpha male, a brewing conflict...What more could you want.I just might be persuaded to look some more into this (promising) series.