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A Bride for Tom (Nebraska Historicals) - Ruth Ann Nordin This was the first book by this author I read, and, since I have a few of them on my eReader, it won't be the last. It took a while to get used to the narrative style, and even longer to warm up to the heroine, but eventually I did, and when that happened I found myself enjoying this little story.Initially I disliked Jessica, so worried about appearances, dismissing Tom as a "bumbling idiot", because everybody else thought so. She appeared shallow, haughty, and conceited, but eventually changed tune and became quite likable.I didn't care for the author's portrayal of Tom at the beginning, either, since she made him appear clumsy...But once his clumsiness was explained both me and Jessica started looking at him with different eyes.Granted, this story takes a while to "get to you", but once every above-mentioned hurdle was crossed, it turned out to be a rather good read, with some added stereotypes about matrons and their outlook on the world (that hasn't changed that much since 1868). ;)I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, A Husband for Margaret. Margaret, Jessica's friend, deserves what's coming to her.