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Night Shift (Night Tales Collection) - Nora Roberts It starts with (innocuous) phone calls into her radio show, then there are threats and phone calls to her home. Cilla O'Roarke has no choice but to turn to the cops...One cop in particular, Boyd Fletcher.Nora Roberts is an acquired taste (for me). She isn't an author to like on the first take, and it took a while for me to really appreciate her. I needed to get used to her narrative style, so different from other authors out there. But I came to like her, though it usually still takes a couple of chapters as warm-up.I absolutely adored this first installation in the Night Tales series, and though it was written 20 (!!!) years ago, it still works (if you forget the fact they constantly use pay-phones instead of mobile ones ;)). Anyway, I loved it.The style was typical Roberts. A bit choppy, yet effective after those few warm-up chapters. And I appreciate the fact Boyd wasn't the usual slightly-Bety Roberts character, but had a lot of Alpha in him. Good for him, good for Cilla, and good for me as the reader.The characterization was great, the suspense was amazing, the pacing spot-on...And I didn't figure out the villain until the end, which is amazing for me after a few suspense novels where I could spot the baddie from page one.In short, this was a great little story in a great little series, but what I liked most about it was the heroine being really tough, instead of just pretending to be tough, talking tough and then going all TSTL on us.5 deserved stars!