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Blood Spells (Nightkeepers, #5) - Jessica Andersen Well, as predicted, I didn't like this one as much as the previous books in the Final Prophecy series. And as predicted, I didn't like it because of Patience. I just didn't get her. I know she was a wife and mother, but being one of the FEW(!) Nightkeepers left, she should've thought differently, acted differently, reasoned differently. But no, she firmly stuck with her wife and mother mentality, thinking her picture of normalcy (which was an illusion, by the way) was more important than the fate of the world. And resented her husband for not seeing things as she did.So, as far as main-story-arc-progression went, this book was good, a nice new installment in the series (and I now cannot wait for "Snake's" story). But taken as a stand-alone story...Not so much.