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Infamous - Suzanne Brockmann Jamie Gallagher is fed up with the severely inaccurate version of his history, so he decides to put an end to all the lies and tell his side of the story. Unfortunately he’s dead, so he has to ask his great-grandson, A.J., for help.And as if seeing his Gramps’ ghost isn’t problem enough for this recovering alcoholic, first Gulf War vet, the historian that can help set the record straight is a looker. And after a long dry spell that spells trouble with a capital T. So yeah, he thinks he’s crazy, his mother thinks he’s crazy, the historian thinks he’s lying…What’s a guy to do?On top of it all, Jamie’s spirit, not that he’s really there, is spouting nonsense about a dead guy , a guy with a pony-tail, a gizmo that blocks cell signals…The film set is chaotic, he can’t stop thinking about the looker of a historian, Jamie just might be there…And someone apparently wants the looker of a historian dead and frame A.J. for it.So really, what’s a guy to do?Judging from what I just wrote this story was all over the place. Well, it wasn’t. This was my first venture into the writings of Suzanne Brockmann and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. Quite the contrary in fact. Also maybe because I went in with nary no expectations. The story promised quite a romp and it delivered with plenty to spare.It was a nice mixture of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, humor, a ghost, and a few historical tidbits. And I loved it.The characters were wonderful, especially Jamie. I loved this ghost. He was funny, sarcastic, loved to sing and dance (lol), and loved his great-grandson to bits. I adored the bond between these two men (or whatever) it shone in every scene they had together, in every word. Ms. Brockmann did a great job in transmitting this bond to the reader with her writing. Though she told us of it, she also showed it to the reader and that’s a great achievement.The romance part was a bit subdued and at the beginning more on the humorous, friendly side, turning bittersweet toward the end, riding shotgun to Jamie’s story, which could’ve been a big no-no, but turned out great.The only problem I had with this story was the suspense thing. Because I didn’t really get it. The explanation to all the shenanigans at the end was too rushed and a little too convenient for my taste, and I still feel a little out of the loop about it.Despite the suspense not working quite right, all the rest was absolutely great, and I can’t wait to read more of what this author has to offer.