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Dangerous Games - Stephanie James, Jayne Ann Krentz It's hard to reconcile the Jayne Ann Krentz I "know" today with her mid-80's work.Because these two stories don't read like a JAK work at all.The Devil to PayRather good, though it shows the era it was created in. I slightly disliked the heroine (with her wild imagination and blind belief in rumors), and the hero's possessiveness (though I love my Alpha males) made me roll my eyes a few times. Too over the top if you ask me.The suspense part was rather bland and hole-y, and the romance was a bit too rushed for me to really like this story.The WizardHATED the heroine. Reading the very first scene in the book I couldn't believe that was the actual heroine. Made me want to hurl something heavy against something equally heavy. The hero was somewhere along the lines of the hero in the previous story - possessive and very Alpha, but it once again came across as too over the top.