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Cold Touch: Extrasensory Agents - Leslie Parrish Reading Leslie Parrish’s books is my guilty little pleasure. Why guilty? Because when her books come out, I drop everything else I might be reading at the moment, and dive right in. Headfirst. And I love it.I loved this new installment in her Extrasensory Agents series as well. A great mix of romance, drama, paranormal and thriller. Because there was no “pussy” suspense in this book, it jumped right into the thriller realm with a villain there was no space left in his head (if you want to know what I mean, you’ll have to read the book, and if you’re anything like me, you won’t be sorry).This time it was the heroine that worked for eXtreme Investigations, and what word it was. Olivia could touch dead remains and know exactly what happened in the last two minutes and ten seconds of that person’s life. Stuff of nightmares, you’d think. And you’d be right.Lucky for our girl, she met a man. The right man. A tough cop with a heart of gold and a weakness for a redhead with green eyes and a strange affinity to death.And she wasn’t just lucky to meet him for her peace of mind, but for her own well-being as well.You know what the problem with Ms. Parrish’s books is? I cannot talk/write/rant about them without revealing spoilers, so I find it really hard to gush about how much I love her books without revealing too much. And it’s tough to gush when people don’t know what you’re gushing about…I’ll keep it brief and simple. If you like your reading material to have a lovely mix of genres (equal amount of each), great pacing, wonderful characters, thrilling suspense, intense tension, chillingly delicious villains, amazing chemistry, tight plotlines, and twists and turns galore, this is the book for you. Despite its “predictability” (I’m not talking about page-to-page know-it-all, but the certainty of a happy ending) it was decidedly unpredictable.I’ve grown weary of books where you can see everything that’s about to happen from a few scenes before, know the identity of the villain when he/she first makes an appearance etc. Cold Touch kept me on my toes and on the edge of my seat. And the final twist (not the accomplice one, because I saw that one coming!) in the end really threw me. Was it necessary? Yes, to solve the mystery, but that could’ve been solved without that sacrifice. And I would’ve loved to see two happy endings instead of one, but it wasn’t meant to be.I’m not saying that final twist ruined the book for me, because it didn’t, it just added another layer to the whole story, I’m just saying I could’ve done happily without it. But then, we wouldn’t have an “interesting” epilogue. ;)P.S. Oh, I thought of a downside to this series. Only one book a year. So not fair.