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A Lot like Love - Julie James The FBI needs ears in the office of a money-launderer for the mob. But they need a decoy to plant those ears. Enter Jordan Rhodes, gorgeous heiress and wine connoisseur. She’ll get them into a charity event, posing as an agent’s girlfriend in exchange for her brother’s freedom. Easy as pie. Especially when the agent posing as her boyfriend isn’t the asshat that gets on her nerves.The big day comes and the nice agent is down with the stomach flu and Jordan is stuck with the asshat, Nick McCall. Okay, still easy as pie. Get him in, get him out, say goodbye forever.Wrong-o. Because the money-launderer appears to have a major crush on our valiant Jordan and decides to put a tail on her “boyfriend”, determined to uncover some sort of dirt in the guy, because, let’s be frank, she’s so out of his league there must be something fishy going on.So Jordan and Nick are stuck together for the immediate future. What a mess.Wrong. Again. Because while it might sound like a mess, it was really a pretty amazing story, written with the JJ usual flare and panache, featuring a grouchy FBI agent (not unlike Jack Pallas from the previous story) and the first un-lawyer heroine in the JJ history.And I loved every minute of it. Even the rather child-like argument toward the end when neither spoke to the other, because they were both scared spitless of ending up with a broken heart. And this is, this being me, someone who hates theH/h inability to communicate that inevitably leads to “conflict”, “misunderstanding”, and (unnecessary) “tension”.This wasn’t such a case. Yes, they failed to communicate, but the setback didn’t last long enough for me to start gritting my teeth.Loved the plot, loved the pacing, loved the style, loved the characters...Loved everything.And I was so glad to see Jack Pallas and the new U.S. attorney Cameron Lynde make an appearance. It’s good to visit with old friends from time to time. And the trash-talking camaraderie between Jack and Nick was a real fun to read. And the convo about their “secret weapon looks”, the clash of titans between glowering-and-growly (Jack) and don’t-fuck-with-me-face (Nick) was hilarious.When’s the next book coming out?Note about the cover: Love the placement of his hand. :D