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September - Rosamunde Pilcher I received this book as a gift from a friend. She liked it and though I would, too. And I did. I really did. I have a few RP at home, but never bothered reading them, because I remember the corny TV movies based on her books. Let me tell you, this wasn't like those corny TV movies. Well, it was corny, but in a good way.It was a bit unsettling finding myself forgetting about the story (most of the times) and concentrating instead on the settings. I found myself swept from an ancestral home in London to the windy Scottish moors, picturesque countrysides, Mallorca...I really felt like I was there, that's how Ms. Pilcher's descriptions and imagery made me feel.And yes, the story certainly took a backseat to the settings. Also, because it was a bit too descriptive for my taste and the amount of characters was staggering at times.Still, a pretty good incentive for me to read the few RPs in my collection.