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Sanctuary Redeemed - Moira Rogers A moon-crazed wolf, a witch, and their two boyfriends go to Maine to seek a vampire...No, this isn't a beginning of a joke, but it sure sounds like one, the above-mentioned vampire observed in the second story in this omnibus.This second installment (the third and fourth book in the series combined) wasn't as good or as strong as the previous two, mostly because the second story reminded me a lot of C. Feehan's universe, but still they were much better than most paranormals adorning the selves out there.This time, Ms. Rogers added a witch and a vampire lumberjack (don't ask) to the werewolf mix and got interesting (and funny at times) results. The pacing was a little slow at times, but the stories more than compensated for it with characterization, action scenes, drama, and hotness.Definitely an author to watch out for.