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The Adultery Diet - Eva Cassady There are plenty of better chick-lit out there (and this from someone who isn't exactly a fan of the genre).A cliched, cringe-worthy tale of a forty-something career woman cum wife becoming disillusioned with her life, and using a prospective (old) lover as an excuse to diet and change her life around.Which could've worked if it wasn't for the cheating part. I truly hoped she wouldn't go through with it, and when she did, it just ruined more an already rather bad book. Sure, she had a log for a husband, but there are plenty of such women out there. Women who decide to diet for themselves, to make them feel better, to make them give a new energy to embark on the quest of making their husbands notice them once more. And many of those women do no cheat on their logs of a husband. And those who do, their logs don't just take them back.