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The Return of Rafe MacKade  - Nora Roberts Oh, wow. No matter the "age of material", Nora Roberts simply never disappoints. I don't know how the woman did it/does it/will probably continue doing it, but she always delivers. (I found that the stories by her that didn't really "sing" to me were just read at inopportune moments.)And this little, ole gem was no different. With just the right amount of romance, suspense, family, and friends, and a haunted house thrown into the mix, this was a winner the moment I picked it up. Wonderful characterization, just the right touch of wilderness and darkness in Rafe, and annoying primness in Regan, great pacing, a little danger thrown in with an abusive bastard, three additional MacKade brothers that were just itching to tell their stories (and I can't wait to read them)...And the smokin' hot sex scenes written the way Ms. Roberts does—nothing explicit, but packing a sensual punch that always leaves me reeling.A great start to the four-book series.