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My Hero - Marianna Jameson I don't usually have problems with rating books I've read, but this one was a tough cookie. Even while reading, I couldn't quite decide whether I loved it, liked it, or disliked it (notice, there's no "hate" in there).At times (well, most of the time) the heroine really went on my nerves with her preconceptions about men and cops (in general). Yeah, I've been known to say men are dogs, but even in saying that I know not all men are dogs. The heroine in this one, didn't. Well, she did, she just didn't want to acknowledge that truth. And in doing so she really tried my patience.So what's with the rating, some of you will ask. Usually, when I want to bitchslap a heroine I usually bestow a rather low rating on that book, but Miranda kinda grew on me. Like mold. Slowly, but surely. And in the end I actually ended up liking her. Don't get me wrong, she was still a pill, but a rather likeable at that.There wasn't much story in this one, not really, and what there was, was pretty predictable, but this book was a great beach-read. Light, fluffy, funny, slightly annoying (especially when it came to a 30-something year old woman with enough sex-issues to fill a dictionary and a 30-something year old man with enough other issues to fill another dictionary), sexy, and sweet. And that for me (minus the annoyance part) is what a beach-read is all about. I don't expect philosophy, I don't want a head-ache, and I don't want my arm muscles to scream in protest at the weight.And My Heo filled the bill (with the annoyance part thrown into the mix). Though there wasn't much story, I still loved the characters to bits.