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The Baby's Bodyguard - Stephanie Newton I’m not a fan of the H/S Love Inspired line, because for a non-believer (at least someone who doesn’t believe in God) these stories tend to come through as preachy. I picked this one up solely on account of a reading challenge - yes, I did read a few reviews before I did - and I actually wasn’t disappointed.Don’t get me wrong, this is from the Love Inspired, so God is mentioned, so is praying, but I didn’t feel like the author tried to “make me see reason”, if you know what I mean. The genre also helped, since RS is a favorite of mine.The story was rather template-y, it could not be helped, but despite the formulaic feel, the story worked. It was intense, rather dark and serious, for having to carry such a title, the characterization was good, so was the pacing, and if there was a slight lack of romance, it was to be expected.Was it as good as some stories in the HI/SRS line. Nope, but it wasn’t bad. A nice surprise, in fact.