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Just One Look (Night Eyes) (Harlequin Blaze #311) - Joanne Rock Yay. Another author who succeeded in mixing romantic suspense elements into a Harlequin Blaze story. Great buildup, wonderful characters, sizzling chemistry, and some issues tied in with the past, but that didn’t overshadow the main story.I loved the heroine’s slightly unconventional occupation as body double, the hero’s slightly unconventional jewelry for a cop (a diamond earring, yum) and his zeal to right all wrongs and protect Tabitha at all costs. Also, the start of their relationship was slightly off norm for a cop-victim plot with Warren deciding to throw “the rules” out the window and pursue Tabitha even though her case wasn’t resolved completely. And he didn’t really feel bad about it, which was a nice respite from the usual “I cannot believe I got emotionally involved with a case” ploy.The villain was also a nicely kept secret, lots of red herring and false leads, which is always a good thing.4 – 4 ½ stars