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Sand, Sun...Seduction! - Leslie Kelly, Lori Wilde, Stephanie Bond In Enticed by Stephanie Bond an Atlanta lawyer decides to spend a few romantic days in the Maldives with her boyfriend (that’s supposed to propose according to the practice’s grapevine), but there’s a little cupid out there that do anything to give her a little more time to think about it... Even if that means stranding her on Sri Lanka with a happy-go-lucky pilot/home-builder/captain.I loved this little story. It was sexy, sweet, a little bit romantic, and a lot fun. Kimber needed to loosen up a little in the beginning, but with Finn’s help she turned out just fine. I wish that it was longer and the ending seemed a bit rushed, but still a 4 ½ star story.In Propositioned by Leslie Kelly Liz left her life behind to tend bar in St. Lucia, but she never imagined someone from her past would come looking for her.This wasn't as fun and carefree as the previous story, but it sure was a little steamier. The biggest problem was the heroine and her strange distrust of the hero. She blamed him for something he had nothing to do with, despite knowing what a douche bag her ex was...And she was just as quick to jump to conclusions after almost all was said and done.A very romantic story, though. 4 starsIn Fevered by Lori Wilde we meet a reporter that’s “only interested in the truth” lying her way to an exclusive interview with a reclusive chemical engineer in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle, with a small stop in his bed.This was by far the most disappointing story in this anthology. Predictable, without much chemistry, the verbal images of the surroundings were the less descriptive, and the ending (the entire plot, actually) was a bit too “template”. 2 ½ stars