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Fools Rush In - Kristan Higgins Meet Millie Barnes. She's almost thirty, she's a family doctor recently returned to Cape Cod and she's been secretly harboring a crush on Joe Carpenter for sixteen years. Oh, Joe Carpenter, the Carpenter. Perfect Joe Carpenter. So beautiful he makes traffic stop, so stunning his smile can make a woman's heart flutter at fifty paces. So...Just so Joe.Well, since she'll be turning thirty soon (which pretty much means she'll enter old age), Millie has finally decided it's about time to make Joe notice her. Because he's perfect, and she's completely in love with him and he's in love with her, he just doesn't know it...And did I mention he's perfect?And just as it seems her plan might not work, the perfect Joe Carpenter notices she's a woman after all. And asks her out...And she's already picking up glasses and china for their wedding. Because it will be the perfect wedding. A perfect days for her perfect wedding to the perfect Joe Carpenter...Only, not everything is perfect.I had a rather hard time getting though this book. Don't get me wrong, it was funny when it was meant to be, sad when it was meant to be, hilarious when it was meant to be, angsty when it was meant to be...But I guess it just wasn't "meant to be". It was just too predictable (also thanks to the blurb), and the heroine really got on my nerves. She was a tad too desperate, a tad too blind, a tad too naive, a tad too everything...And rather silly for a thirty-year-old doctor.And her gay best friend was a tad too déjà vu-ish for my taste, though this time there were two of them.Too predictable, and too slow in certain places, a story.