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The Crush - Sandra Brown She was the forewoman of the jury who acquitted a dangerous killer due to lack of evidence, now he's returning the favor by developing a twisted crush on her...This is the first book by Ms. Brown I've read so far and I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. These "first reads" are hit and miss and this one was definitely a hit.Nicely developed plot, well-executed and well-paced, despite a few slow moments here and there. Though the "romance" between Rennie and Wick lacked a few sparks, I absolutely loved the suspense (sub)plot. Lozada was a perfectly twisted, ego-maniacal, slightly delusional stalker/killer and his reasoning seemed perfectly justified. Go figure.The biggest problem for me was Rennie's warped logic at the beginning of the book, but once we got over that little hurdle, the story flowed (almost) without a hitch.Nicely done.