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Hello, Darkness - Sandra Brown Paris Gibson, a radio personality, receives a disturbing call just before the end of her late-night show. Valentino, her "regular" listener, has kidnapped his latest girlfriend and is planning on killing her in twenty-two hours as revenge for trying to dump him. And he claims it's all Paris' fault for planting the idea into the girl's head.Thus the race against the clock begins, mixed with ghosts and secrets from the past...I thought The Crush was good, but this was even better. A great thriller, wonderfully paced and written, with a twisted villain (his identity was a jaw-dropping shock for me), great sideline stories and multiple POWs that still didn't interfere (much) with the main plot, and an intriguing twist with the two leading characters.The chemistry between Paris and Dean was palpable, humming with energy from the first page, and theirs romance and the dirty little—and very juicy—secret from their past provided some relief from the intensity of the chilling suspense.Masterfully done and highly recommended.