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Perfect Marriage? - Cindi Myers This miniseries continues to be cursed with heroine that need to be slapped. Slapped well and often. This book was no exception—Katherine Stamos was one of those women that after twenty years of marriage (when she should know her husband very, very well) figures that, just because he’s not acting like a newlywed (after twenty years of marriage!), he doesn’t love her anymore.And of course it’s all his fault, when she confronts him and he tells her he does love her, after all, she’s his wife. But that doesn’t count. And of course it’s also (it must be, he’s her husband that doesn’t love her anymore) his fault she’s fantasizing about a younger man. She has to, since her husband doesn’t act like a newlywed (after twenty years of marriage!), hence he doesn’t love her anymore.Jesus!