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Hotter Than Wildfire  - Lisa Marie Rice What century is this set in? Twenty-first? Really? It's set in the present? I'd never guess if I only had the heroine to judge by. Because even some ladies from the Victorian era were a little more brain-evolved than Ellen. Jumping from one TSTL situation to the next, coming to ask for help, spilling her life-story, and only later second-guess her presence there...Running away, straight into a trap, putting her own and others' (the man whose protection she sought) lives at risk just minutes after meeting them...Refusing to endanger her protectors (hello, remember what happened the first day?), because let's face it, trained soldiers, ex-Delta force men built like tanks cannot possibly be able to protect themselves, so she has to sacrifice her freedom, her very life, to keep those built-like-tanks men safe...Need I go on?I'd rather not. I don't know why I bother reading LMR/EJ books any longer. They're pretty much template with a hunky, sexy, built-like-tank man falling for a fragile, scared damsel in distress without even enough brain activity going on to think of going to the proper authorities (FBI, NSA etc. there're plenty of those Alphabet-soup agencies around the US) seeking help, and instead goes off on her own until she's too tired/weary/sleep-deprived/etc. and she sees no other venue (hello, Alphabet-soup agency, anyone?) but to turn to the hunky, sexy, built-like-tank man for protection. And he offers that protection unconditionally, risking his neck mere minutes after meeting the fragile, scared damsel in distress and falling madly, head-over-heels in love.I need to go measure my blood sugar now.