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Blue Smoke - Nora Roberts The rating probably reflects me having read [b:Chasing Fire|11422762|Chasing Fire|Nora Roberts||14294481] just before tackling this one. And let me tell you, the books, at least for me, are worlds apart.First problem: the first half of the story. Completely redundant, IMO, I couldn’t care less for Reena’s life story spanning twenty years from the beginning of the novel until the story actually began. I couldn’t care less for her choices of boyfriends until the right man came along...Second problem: the heroine. I simply couldn’t bring myself to like her. She was emotionally stumped, with no apparent reason why (I don’t deem the death of her first boyfriend reason enough, since no undying love-and-devotion confessions were exchanged). She had the worst taste in men, I didn’t like her approach to relationships, and she constantly jumped to (wrong) conclusions when the right man came along.Third problem: the predictability. The villain was not a surprise, the whole thing wasn’t even suspenseful, so easy it was to spot. For someone as smart as she thought she was, the only surprise came from the heroine and her inability to figure it all out sooner.The only redeeming quality for me was the hero—Bowen “Bo” Goodnight. He was hot, sexy, romantic, silly, endearing, protective, stubborn etc. And it was a pity he was wasted on this book. And there was too little of him, even when he started being the hero, to turn the “rating tide”.