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Deadly Dreams - Kylie Brant Another great installment in the Mindhunters series. After the “first trilogy” literally blew me away, the first book in the “second” one was quite a let-down and made me a little afraid to start the next one, but this one restored my faith in Ms. Brant. For those of you, unfamiliar with this series, it’s about employees of a private investigative agency, often on loan to the government or police forces around USA offering their special services in difficult, tricky cases. These employees use a set of skills, a strong mix of intuition, instinct, observation, and sometimes slight psychic abilities (in this book the heroine uses her nightmares to guide her in the investigation of a serial killer torching cops) in order to excellently perform on their jobs. They’re usually paired with police officers/government agents, sometimes together...And the romance blossoms.This series isn’t straightforward romantic suspense, more of a suspense/thriller with just the right amount of romance thrown in. There’s usually only one or two sex scenes, some heated looks, even more heated kisses (usually after a life-and-death situation), and some intense inner doubts about the blossoming relationship, but the whole romance-thing runs in the background, more like an undercurrent, while most of the book is straight suspense.But I’m never disappointed with how things work out, how they pan out, because it’s the understated-ness of the romance that brings it so much more to the surface, adds a certain emphasis on it, highlighting it, if you will, providing a good respite from the other (sometimes rather gruesome and grueling) aspect of the book.Yes, I’m blabbering, I know, but it’s always tough for me to review Ms. Brant’s novels. Not because I don’t like them, but because I don’t know exactly what to say in order not to say too much. So I’ll keep it simple. The characterization was great, the pacing wonderful, the story well-written, the suspense amazing and it kept me guessing as to who the villain was until Ms. Brant was willing to reveal the identity, and the romance, while subtle, packed quite a punch. Loved it from beginning to end.