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Possession by Linda Mooney

Possession - Linda Mooney

It's not often that an author completely new to me knocks me off my feet with a story. Linda Mooney has succeeded with Possession. Very RomeoandJuliet-like only with a blind psychic and a ghost. When you think these two have it bad already, wait until you learn of the case the dead guy and his partner are embroiled in. Someone is offing people, literally shredding them to bits with an unknown weapon, leaving the remains scattered around the city.

Then, the dead guy and the blind chick fall in love with each other, knowing full-well there's absolutely no possibility of them having a future together (yes, this is a paranormal romance with a ghost able to take on corporeal form, but that's it), since the dead guy will probably only hang around until they find his body. But they fall in love anyway, until...

Okay, no more revealing stuff. But let me tell you, despite the theme, and the more fiction than romance feel, this is an amazing story. Just the perfect length, the pacing is excellent, the conflict tight and gripping, the characterization wonderful (I didn't even mind the pity-party the dead guy often threw, he was entitled, after all), the mystery isn't really a mystery (beyond the point of explaining something paranormal to a bunch of normal cops)...But what got me was the last chapter. Despite everything, I was hoping for an easy solution to the romantic predicament, some kind of easy fix in the form of voodoo or a resurrection spell, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. People die, right, even in fiction and Romancelandia, they die. There's no easy fix to being dead. And when your spirit ends its mission, you're gone. Bye-bye.

So yeah, there were tears. Especially in the epilogue (aptly titled Aftermath), there were tears because of another senseless (and in my opinion, rather meaningless) death. But it wasn't meaningless and it wasn't senseless. To know what it was, you'll just have to read the story.

All I can tell you is that I loved the story...And the ending.