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Love In The Air - James Collins My reaction after finishing this book: Oh. My. Effing. God.My second reaction after finishing this book: Is this for real?My third reaction after finishing this book: Oh. My. Effing. God. I’ll never get these few hours back.It was like reading a high-school creative writing assignment, watching a made-for-DVD movie and a soap opera, and reading a cheesy Valentine’s card all at the same time.I don’t like chick-lit as a rule, but this chick-lit, written by a guy, was the worst of the worst. Crème de la crème, really. In a bad way.I know this is Romancelandia, or in this case Chicklitlandia, but can someone please tell me, how it’s possible for so many perfect people to be in one place? It’s enough to give you diabetes.And don’t get me started on the rest of it. Cheesy, un-freaking-believable, un-freaking-realistic, clichéd, juvenile...etc. *shudder*