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Scent of Danger - Andrea Kane Have you ever been literally blown away by a book, so overwhelmed you're actually speechless? I have a few times, and this most certainly is one of those books.I absolutely loved it, the plot, the story, the characters, the conflict, the tension, the guessing, the intrigue, the investigation...Everything.And I find myself at a loss for words to describe just how much I liked it and why, without either sounding like a lunatic or giving away spoilers.This was an intense, emotional, gripping, suspenseful story about a man who is shot, his surrogate son trying to grant him his "last wish" by finding out whether he sired an offspring twenty-eight years ago, only to find that offspring might in the end save the father's life. There's a bunch of wonderful characters involved, with Carson Brooks, one of the three leads, literally stealing the show (I loved the guy - his stubbornness, his bluntness, his humor, his love of life and his two children, his matchmaking skills...I simply loved him), there's also the two bullheaded detectives that also had their multiple moments in the limelight, the tight and gripping plot with a suspense sub-plot serving as the driving force of the entire novel (and I'm so happy know I actually got the killer right - without any proof, of course, just gut instinct), the mystery was intense, the investigation even more so, death-threats galore, the motive came slightly out of the left-field, but worked perfectly, the romantic tension was thick, the hotness factor high...I wasn't really sold on the pacing from the start, though, but I quickly realized it was done purposefully. It was deceptively slow, to keep the reader at the edge of the seat, keep him guessing, keep the pages turning, building the momentum for the grand finale.I actually didn't want it to end, that's why I read a few other books in between - I needed a breather, so to speak, from the intensity of this novel. It was so good, I wanted desperately to know how it'd end, but didn't want it to end, because I wanted desperately to keep reading, to keep it going.Not many authors have that affect on me, Ms. Kane is one of the lucky few. Both with her historical romances and now with her suspense novels as well. I can't wait to read more of her in this genre.Extremely recommended!