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Midnight Honor - Marsha Canham After the amazing beginning of this trilogy (in [b:The Pride of Lions|707252|The Pride of Lions (Highlands, #1)|Marsha Canham||693528] and [b:The Blood of Roses|707222|The Blood of Roses (Highlands, #2)|Marsha Canham||693499]), this one might be a disappointment for some (me included). It's obvious it was written some years after the first two books, for though it's supposed to be a somewhat of a continuation of the Jacobite-struggle storylines, it falls a little flat and doesn't seem to have much in common with TPOL and TBOR beside the heroine (that appeared in a secondary role in the second book in this trilogy).I just couldn't find the right connection, her actions boggled the mind, I didn't see eye to eye with some of her decisions, and I coulnd't get her stubborn refusal to see her husband's point of view, when all he did was try to protect her, the woman he loved more than his life, by doing everything in his power, while she kept rejecting him and hating him.There was a little too much animosity and not enough romance in this one.