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Sea Swept by Nora Roberts

Sea Swept: Number 1 in series (Chesapeake Bay) - Nora Roberts

Cameron Quinn. Thrill-seeker. Speed-lover. Living on the edge. He loves it fast and impersonal. Especially with women. And he loves living in Europe. Alone, doing what he wants, when he wants and how he wants it. Away from home, from his two brothers, from his father. No responsibilities, no accountability except to himself.

Then, one night it all comes crashing down with a fax message. His father has had an accident. And after years of staying away, Cam finally has to come home.

Though this is categorized as romance, I didn’t love it because of the romance. In fact, I could’ve done without the romance in this case. Not because the book didn’t have a good romantic subplot (it did, I loved Cam and Anna together, they were rather like two peas in a pod), but because everything was overshadowed by the Quinn brothers and their interactions with each other.

The Quinn brothers, Cameron, Ethan and Phillip were a real hoot to read about. Grown men, each independent, employed etc., but when they were together they acted like teenagers—throwing one another off the dock, kicking the car seats, throwing insults here and there, kicking the crap out of each other...Laughing like lunatics together.
Despite them not being brothers by blood, they were family and it showed. Yes, we were shown not told, which is something I love about Ms. Roberts’ writing. And because they were family they were willing to put everything aside and join forces to keep their last promise to their father.

This book had great characters, multi-layered and flawed, which for me makes them that more real, good writing, which isn’t surprising because of the author, good story (though I’m more used to Ms. Roberts’ suspense novels, I like something more ‘normal’ from time to time), and great character interaction (which was, as noted before, what I loved most).

A great, heart-warming, funny, laugh-out-loud, sweet story. I just hope the other books keep up with the expectations.