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Firelight by Kristen Callihan

Firelight  - Kristen Callihan

Okay...I read this based on a GR friend’s recommendation and while I liked it, I wasn’t overly impressed. Unfortunately.


I’m a huge fan of paranormal romances, no matter which time period they’re set in and this one had pretty much all—paranormal powers, a curse, an ancient creature determined to get back its ‘mate’...Still, it was a tad too long...Or too slow, depending on the point of view. Because nothing really happened until the last few chapters. The explanation as to what was truly going on came too late in the story, if you ask me, the entire truth coming just a few chapters before the end. And of course, the big showdown also happened at the same time, making the ending of the book seem crowded, while the beginning and middle were slow and rather uneventful.


What also bothered me was the narrative style. Too prosaic for my taste, winding descriptions where just a few words could’ve done the trick.


What the story didn’t lack was angst. And tension. Which I liked. And the BeautyAndTheBeast-esque storyline. Which I also liked. And the growing relationship between the hero and heroine was a nice respite from other HRs out there. Still, the parts I liked didn’t compensate for the rest, landing this book in the 3-star category.


And I’m sorry to say I won’t read the sequel. Nothing’s compelling me to.