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Purchased for Revenge

Purchased for Revenge (Harlequin Presents #2573) - Julia James Oh, wow. Though the revenge premise might make this seem like your typical template-ish Harlequin Presents story it certainly wasn't. It was so intense it kept me riveted, and I ended up reading this in one sitting.First of all, I loved the two leads, Alexei and Eve, the spark was there from the get-go and the author just kept working on that, keeping it alive, keeping it fiery and hot. But what really set these two apart from the rest of HP lore is the fact there was a load of baggage on both sides.But what really clinched the deal for me was the complete about face Alexei went through when the truth about Eve came out. Not your typical HP hero at all.Very intense, emotional, powerful, angsty, a little dramatic and very well-paced and written. 4 ½ stars