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Crazy for Love

Crazy for Love (Hqn) - Victoria Dahl

I’ll be blunt. I’ve never read a more idiotic excuse for a premise and plot in my life.1. Why would paparazzi follow a nobody? Besides, aren’t Bridezillas in fashion? Isn’t there a reality show on the theme?2. Why would a guy fake his own death just to not get married? Sorry, but the explanation in the end didn’t gel with me.3. How can someone be so freaking weird as the hero? Hasn’t he heard of therapy? Sorry, but the explanation for his “quirkiness” (which was anything but quirky for me) also didn’t gel.4. And what was with the heroine’s best friend? Hasn’t she heard of therapy?


Sheesh! This book was one major issue in itself. Besides the idiotic premise, idiotic plot, idiotic issues (the only characters I actually liked were the heroine and the hero’s brother), idiotic explanations for idiotic actions, it had the most un-freaking-believable ending ever. Why would she stay with such an issue-laden guy? How can she be sure he’s with her because he wants to be or because he needs to be due to his “quirkiness”? Because the last few sentences sure weren’t reassuring.