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Styx's Storm (Breeds Series)

Styx's Storm - Lora Leigh

When she was fourteen she witnessed her brother and father's murder at the hand of a Coyote. She's hated Breeds ever since...So what the heck is she doing, ten years later, in a hotel with one.


Well, he doesn't know who she is, he's warm, provides a sense of (false) security, and he's hot in and out of bed. I guess that makes it right.


Yeah, if the first "thesis" were true, but Styx knows exactly who he holds in his arms. The woman he's been chasing for the past two years. The woman who holds vital information for the Breeds, and especially Jonas' young daughter. The woman who hates all the Breeds. The woman who is his mate.


Yet another LL book in which I hated the heroine. I waited for Styx to snap, break her neck and find himself a new mate. Alas that moment never happened.


Though I did like this book much more (despite the heroine) than Lion's Heat, probably because Ms. Leigh at least stayed true to who Styx was from the beginning instead of turning him into a sissy. Also, despite her lack of "charm", Storme also kept true to her beliefs (until the very end), instead of pouting away not knowing what she wanted. Yes, she was obnoxious. Yes, she acted like a child everybody accused her of being (granted, she witnessed a Coyote killing her family, but grown-ups tend to think rationally, not with the brain of a child). Yes, I wanted to kill her. Yes, she took a bit too long to come through (there's nothing like a well-placed kidnapping to change a girl's mind). But at least she was consistent in her behavior. Does that make any sense?


[Beginning of rant] A lot of people have problems with LL's writing, editing, -isms, lack of research etc. I just take them as her little quirks and just go with the story (despite it's glaring problems, this was still a good story, mostly thanks to Styx). I'm not here to judge her style or anything, I'm here to enjoy the ride. If I don't like an author (for any reason, be it the narrative style, be it the writing, be it anything at all), I don't read their books. Period. I don't go back for more.[End of rant]


As mentioned, despite the huge heroine problem, this was a good, solid story, coupled with some little insight into what the future might bring. A good addition to the series.