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Earl of Darkness

Earl of Darkness (Heirs of Kilronan) - Alix Rickloff

Do you think it's possible to become so jaded by too much reading that nothing "wows" you anymore?


I liked Alix Rickloff's narrative style and voice, it had a refreshing newness to it, and it most certainly was different from the other authors' out there. The pacing was also good and the characterization amazing.


That said, she apparently didn't know whether to write an angsty, emotionally-dark, and thought-provoking historical romance, or a paranormal romance with a Fey twist, so she did both.


The historical romance would've worked by itself. A destitute former-rake (he can't afford to be one, anymore), an educated lady down on her luck, forced to steal, hiding a deep, dark secret in her past, a murder mystery, a disappeared brother, a planned marriage-of-convenience thwarted by passion...I loved it.


The paranormal romance didn't have the kick it could've had, but that's probably me, fresh from reading KMM's Fever series. Still, it had potential. A secret society of Fey and human descendants (the Other) with magic abilities, hunted by mere humans that didn't understand them, a secret society within the society involved in black arts and trying to resurrect King Arthur to lead a brand new world, the permanent cancellation of said secret society within the secret society because of their dabbling in the black arts, an indecipherable journal someone would kill to possess (and did), a resurrected creature doing his master's bidding...As I said, it had potential.


Unfortunately, while the two genres separately would've worked, the mixture of the two didn't. There was too much "vying" for supremacy, the historical and paranormal aspects didn't complement each other, but constantly overshadowed one another. The passages between the genres seemed rather choppy, making the story very tiring to read.


While I did appreciate the separate genres, the story as a whole didn't wow me.