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Fatal Justice (Fatal #2)

Fatal Justice - Marie Force

Darn! I really wanted to love this book, but ended up liking it at best. Why? Well, there was just too much going on at once - two separate investigations (one of them an almost cold case), a secondary character getting his own sub-plot so he could lose his virginity (TMI!), the whole ping-pong between Sam and Nick...I sort of understood him and his (ONE!) momentary lapse of judgment, but she, boy, she had no clue what she wanted.


And that was the biggest problem for me. The mighty, ballsy, snarky Sergeant Samantha Holland not only got promoted to Lieutenant in this book but also apparently got a change of character, because I didn't like her that much in this sequel. Keeping secrets, lying, not knowing what she wanted...The secrets part I would've understood if she also didn't claim not to compare Nick to her ex, the lying I'll never understand...And the whole not knowing what she wanted...First she wanted to take it slow, she didn't want to rush things. Okay, I get that. Then, Nick freaks (rightfully so, she has a dangerous job), and she can't understand why he reacted like that, why he's so cold and distant...Suddenly she appears not to want to take it so slow...Then she does, then she doesn't, then she doesn't really know what she wants, then there's that operation option (after the truth comes out), then...Gosh, there are so many ellipses in this review it's frightening, but that's what I kept imagining went on in Sam's head during this book about her relationship with Nick.


If we forget all the dots, the suspense part wasn't bad, the villain remained a secret, and the final reveal was quite a shocker. But what went on beside the murder investigation. Well, dot dot dot.