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Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle

Midnight Crystal - Jayne Castle

Another wonderful installment in this series. For someone not familiar with the futuristic world of Harmony (and let me tell you, it’s a little different from the one of St. Helen), this book might represent a little of a challenge at first, what with all the new terms, the history, the psi ruins, weapons etc., but once you get into it, you’ll love it, even if you find it difficult to grasp sometimes. For most readers who’re discovering Harmony for the first time, this is just a good enticement to start a new series. It’s JAK/AQ/JC, after all. And yes, I’m one of those “most readers”.


Now, to the book. It was great. Simple as that. A must read for those who follow the series, because it’s the end of the Dreamlight trilogy and a must read for all JAK/AQ/JC fans, because it’s her name on the cover, and there are really few authors in her category. Those who can grab you on the first page and spit you out only when you finish the book. This one was no different.


It was pure excitement from start to finish, expertly mixing action, sex, humor, sci-fi, suspense, romance and a little drama thrown in for kicks. I loved Marlowe and Adam, both individually and as a couple that turned out to be a force to be reckoned with. And when they were “hot”, it was really hot. I chuckled every time Gibson appeared, and I kept wondering just who the heck the villain was. Great suspense tack, keeping the reader guessing, and I readily admit I had no idea until the identity was finally revealed.


I’m sad to see the end of this trilogy, but rest assured I’ll keep following the series until the end. It isn’t one of my favorites for no reason. And yeah, I’ll search for the rest of the Harmony books as well, because I’m curious just why Adam had to be appointed Guild boss.