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Ten Things I Love about You (Bevelstoke Series #3)

Ten Things I Love about You (Bevelstoke Series #3) -

I must be out of the JQ “loop”, because I didn’t enjoy this one as much as some of the Bridgertons series. It simply didn’t pull me in. The story worked too hard at being funny so at times it turned silly, and that “humor” clashed too heavily with the dramatic parts of the plot. The two counterparts weren’t in harmony and it bothered me, making the story appear choppy, and severely hampering the pacing.


Also, the two main characters didn’t do anything for me. They were rather bland, dull even at times, and there was definitely too much inner musing going on. The only saving grace in the character department were Olivia, wife of Sebastian’s cousin, Annabel’s cousin Louisa, and Annabel’s grandmother (especially in her very last scene – now that was funny).Taking everything in consideration, I cannot but give it the medium rating. There were parts that were good, and parts that weren’t that good. The most bothersome being the discordance between humor and seriousness.