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While My Pretty One Sleeps by Mary Higgins Clark

While My Pretty One Sleeps - Mary Higgins Clark

The killer hides gossip columnist and author Ethel Lambston's body where he thinks no one would find her, but even without the body, fashion designer Neeve Kearny knows something's wrong. Ethel wouldn't just pack up and leave without informing anyone...Or leaving her new clothes undelivered.

Then the body surfaces and Neeve's trained eye immediately notices something's off with the clothes. Someone else had dressed the dead woman...And whoever slashed her throat, did the same to Neeve's mother all those years ago.

This was a good, solid thriller with an intriguing mystery that wasn't revealed until the end, but it had major pacing problems (again, too many characters and too much time spent on some of those), and the motive for the first murder was just a tad too out there for me to understand.

Still, the protagonist at least wasn't an idiot trying to find the killer on her own, the little romantic sparks sprinkled here and there through the second half of the book kept things "lively", and kudos for the big twist in the end