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Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House - Michael Wolff

The revelations in this book aren't exactly earthshaking bombshells. They're not really bombshells either. Anyone with living brain cells, observation skills (and you're observing from the "outside"), a smidgen of logic, and no Republican political ambitions already knew of or speculated about most of it...The supposed leader of the supposed free world, who didn't even want to win the election, but thought the campaign would be great for his brand, is a crazy old sod with image issues, low self-esteem, common old-guy health problems and authoritarian ambitions, because then everybody would suck up to him. Nobody has probably told him that to be a dictator is rather hard work and you need to be quite smart to pull it off for long.

Anyway, the big problem with this book is its "inreadability". The going is slow and boring, and the "bombshell" revelations fail to outweigh the effort it takes to plod through this book. It's supposed to be a non-fiction book, but unfortunately it reads like fiction. And badly written at that. There is no anticipation of what would happen next, instead it's a chore just to get through a single chapter.
The way it's written makes it impossible to distinguish between possible fact, fiction, gossip or speculation, although most of it does ring true (if you have living brain cells, observation skills etc.).

Did he really attend all those meetings, observe all that he wrote about? If he did, kudos to Mr. Wolff and for the rest of them: "What were you thinking inviting a journalist to witness it all?!"

I'll go for middle ground in "starring" this one, since I liked the revelations (even though they weren't anything new), but I hated the way they were packaged.