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Christmas with the Laird by Scarlet Wilson

Christmas with the Laird (Christmas Around the World Book 3) - Scarlet Wilson

***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Juliette Connolly has just been dumped, replaced with a younger model, and now she also has to work for Christmas. But at least she's not alone in her "misery", she has her cameraman with her...And it turns out, the house they're filming in is his.

I had high hopes for this one after the first chapter. Then it looked like this story changed authors, and my hopes crumbled into dust. The narration was rather puerile, and the story uninspiring.

The romance didn't work for me. The hero and heroine looked more like friends than lovers, and the romance was a real stretch. The protagonists also didn't appear to have much depth or layers; they were just bland. And the delivery of the deeper story underneath the premise, the story of acceptance and forgiveness, was rather heavy-handed with the added slightly paranormal angle not helping things.