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Survive the Night by Katie Ruggle

Survive the Night (Rocky Mountain K9 Unit) - Katie Ruggle

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Alice has been living under her family's thumb since she was born. First her father, then her brother has dictated every aspect of her life, and now her brother has decided she's his in into a powerful crime family. Then a guardian angel bent on revenge rescues Alice and spirits her to Monroe, Colorado.

Her new name is Sarah and even though she's sharing a house with two women and a bunch of kids, and Monroe is a rather little town, she finally knows what freedom is like. She's even starting to fall in love with the big, tender-hearted, taciturn Viking lumberjack cop who takes care of the lost, sick and injured animals around town.

Then her brother finds her, and for the first time in her life, Sarah is ready and willing to stand up for herself, her freedom, and her future.

This one started with a small bang in the form of Alice/Sarah's escape from her brother, and then the cuteness started. I absolutely loved the first part of this story, the beauty of discovering freedom through Sarah's eyes, and the budding romance between her and the big, Viking-like cop with a mushy heart, Otto Gunnersen. They were so sweet and cute together, especially Otto with his tongue-tiredness, and blushes. Awww.
Granted, the romance felt a bit rushed, especially on Sarah's part, since she's recently escaped a very sheltered life, but it worked somehow. Probably because the two of them were just so incredibly cute together.

But then it all went sideways when the suspense element caught up. The story definitely should've ended after the second kidnapping attempt, if you ask me. Because what happened next, the whole waging war on the small Colorado town, was too much. It just kept piling up and in the end it made no sense (at least to me). What was the purpose of it? Was it all really necessary?
The whole ordeal was too overblown, too over-the-top. It was too much and too incongruous with the first part, so instead of the two elements (the romance and the suspense) mixing and blending seamlessly, the suspense overbalanced the entire story, ruining it for me.